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Jeeplo Universal Car Door Step. Skip the stretch and reach new heights! Jeeplo's secure step easily attaches to most cars, transforming roof access for loading gear, washing, or simply grabbing that forgotten item. Get Jeeplo ready for your daily use.
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Discover the epitome of luxury and technology in one exquisite package


The Jeeplo Universal Car Door Stepoffers unparalleled convenience and safety for accessing your vehicle's roof.


Struggling to find a car step that fits your vehicle? Look no
further! The Jeeplo step is designed for broad compatibility, working with
cars, SUVs, trucks, and even sedans. Adjustable hooks with rubber padding
ensure a secure fit on most car door frames, so you can reach your roof with
confidence, regardless of the car you drive.


Don't let rain or shine stop you from reaching your roof rack.
The Jeeplo step features a textured, laser-cut rubber surface that provides
exceptional grip. This innovative design ensures secure footing in all weather
conditions, whether you're wearing shoes or not.


The Jeeplo step isn't just about convenience, it's built to
last. Constructed with a triple-layer system, it offers unmatched strength. A
sturdy metal base provides the foundation, followed by a reinforced steel plate
for added support. Topping it all off is a thick layer of anti-slip rubber.
This combination allows the Jeeplo step to support up to 400 lbs, so you can
load up your roof rack with confidence.


Forget complex setups and drilling! The Jeeplo step prioritizes
ease of use. It comes ready to use straight out of the box. Simply unfold the
step, adjust the angle if needed, and hook it securely onto your car door frame
using the included key. You'll be ready to access your roof in seconds.


The Jeeplo step isn't a one-time use item. Its compact, foldable
design makes it perfect for everyday adventures. Use it to wash your roof, load
up cargo boxes, or secure bikes, kayaks, and sporting equipment. After use,
simply fold it up and store it in your glove compartment or trunk. Lightweight
and portable, it's always there when you need that extra boost.


Safety is paramount. The Jeeplo step features a wide platform (9
inches long, 5 inches high) for secure standing and a triangular rubber pad
that conforms to your car door angle. This combination provides exceptional
stability, preventing dents and giving you peace of mind while you reach for
your roof. The secure hook ensures the step stays firmly attached to your car


The Jeeplo step boasts an adjustable design that adapts to
different car door angles. This ensures a secure fit on any vehicle, regardless
of make or model. Simply adjust the angle for optimal fit and enjoy effortless
roof access for all your adventures.

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What our customers say...

I'm vertically challenged, and reaching the top of my SUV was a nightmare. The Jeeplo step is a lifesaver! It's easy to install, super sturdy, and lets me finally access my roof rack without a wobbly step stool. Now I can load my kayak solo - thanks, Jeeplo!
Sarah M., Seattle, WA
Lifesaver for Short Folks!
My dad's getting older, and climbing into my truck was becoming a struggle. This Jeeplo step is a game-changer! He uses it as a handle to get in and out with ease. It's strong enough for his weight and folds up neatly, so it's always in the car when we need it.
Michael L., Austin, TX
Grandpa Approved
This step does exactly what it's supposed to do. No frills, no fuss - just a solid platform that gets me up to my roof rack. It arrived quickly, feels well-made, and fits perfectly on my car door. Highly recommend for anyone who needs a little extra boost.
David B., Chicago, IL
Simple and Effective
Forget bulky ladders or wobbly stools! This Jeeplo step lives in my trunk and is always there when I need it. It's perfect for grabbing bicycle off the roof, cleaning my car, or strapping down luggage. Folds up small and super convenient.
Lisa W., Denver, CO
Always in the Trunk, Always Useful
I was impressed by the Jeeplo step's build quality right out of the box. It's sturdy, well-designed, and opens and folds smoothly. The price is great too, especially compared to other options. Highly recommend for anyone who wants a reliable car roof access solution.
Mark J., Miami, FL
Top Quality, Top Value
We recently got into rooftop tent camping, and this Jeeplo step is the missing piece. It makes setting up and taking down the tent a breeze. Super stable and easy to adjust for different car heights. Highly recommend for anyone with a rooftop tent!
Emily K., Portland, OR
Perfect for our Rooftop Tent Adventure